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Why South Florida Is the Best Place To Live In the US

I have had the luxury of living in multiple states in my life. While in college and high school, I often traveled for sports competitions. Also, I have had the benefit of working on teams with people who live in different parts of the world. When we meet, conversations about each other's weather will lead to a discussion about the best places to live. The more common working from home has become, the more these conversations arise.

Since I am usually the only one living in South Florida, my colleagues want to know about my experience. Over the years, I have grown accustomed to talking about my hometown with others. Therefore, sharing why I love living in Florida would be great.

The main attraction to south Florida is the Climate. Known as the Sunshine state of Florida, mainly south Florida, it is home to warm weather all year. This weather comes with many amenities for residents.

One example is the weather brings a variety of water activities. Here pools come a dime a dozen. Not only are most homes, apartment complexes, and communities equipped with a collection of pools available to residents, but cities and townships also offer waterparks for a small fee. If your home or community does not have a pool, a beach is always an option, no matter where you live in south Florida. The beach comes with its own set of activities. My favorite would have to be boating, but in my south Florida life, I have been able to go surfing, kayaking, fishing, jet skiing, and even water skiing.

The wildlife is a unique feature of south Florida due to the weather. Although South Florida is known for gators, we are also home to other exotic reptiles that are just as friendly as they are attractive. These reptiles display an array of tropical colors that will leave you stunned.

South Florida is also home to many exotic birds of varying sizes that can be vibrant in color, like the Peafowl and Peacock, which are only found on the Indian peninsula and in zoos.

This combination of a warm climate, waterfront geography, and unique wildlife has made south Florida a well-known travel destination. Less known is that traveling from south Florida is also great. There are several reasons for this. For example, south Florida residents have three airports that provide short and affordable flights to and from all the major cities on the Atlantic coast. In addition, from South Florida, you can get to popular vacation spots in the Caribbean islands like Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica.

Although there are plenty of flights out of south Florida to the Caribbean island, my favorite way of visiting the islands is by boat. By that, I mean I love going on cruises. South Florida has more than one port providing cruises almost daily to the Caribbeans. The best part is that because you do not have to pay for a flight to get on a cruise like most cruise guests, some cruises have Florida resident discounts, and you can get last-minute cruise prices, a cruise vacation can be significantly cheaper for south Floridians.

South Florida is also full of entertainment. Well-known for some of the best nightclubs in the world, there are plenty of options for parties. Annual festivals like Calle Ocho, Best of Best, Art Basel, and Rolling Loud offer some of the best cultural events in the country. In addition, Fort Lauderdale, home to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, also has a plethora of gambling options.

South Florida's large immigrant community has fostered some of the most diverse eating options in the United States. South Beach has a collection of world-renowned beachfront restaurants. Just like Miami, Fort Lauderdale has its groups of world-class eateries.

South Florida is also home to some exclusive fast-food restaurants that are hard to match anywhere else. For example, Publix, a grocery chain, offers the best sandwiches I have ever had. Also, Miami Grill, formerly known as Miami Subs, has the best french fries available anywhere to accompany their wide selections of comfort-fast food.

A unique aspect of south Florida's eating options is the selection of places to get convenient Chicken and rice. For decades, the Caribbean community has supported great restaurants like Pollo Tropical and La Granja for offering affordable fresh meals.

With a group of arenas available, hosting sporting events is shared here. For example, professional wrestling events are held in one area almost annually. Also, the NASCAR national championship is hosted in Homestead once a year. Home to 4 major professional sports teams, NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLS, South Florida also hosts a great collection of professional sporting events. In addition, the University of Miami has one of the most respected athletics programs in the country, hosting some of the most sought college events.

Florida is a great place to raise children. One reason is that Florida is home to some of the world's best theme parks. So not only do you have the water parks mentioned earlier, but you can choose between any of the Walt Disney World theme parks, Universal Studios, Islands of adventure, Lego land, and Bush Gardens for family fun vacations. These parks are only a few short hours from any destination in south Florida.

This combination of weather, location, and culture makes south Florida among some of the most elite livable places. Arguably the best. Although many cities have amenities to offer that south Florida doesn't. I need help finding an area that can provide a menu of pleasure to compete with my hometown.

I would love to hear your thoughts on if you agree or disagree.