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I am a full-stack web developer and web designer.

Why VueJs is my favorite framework

There are tons of remarkable JavaScript frameworks out there. Of course, each has its strengths and weaknesses, but Vuejs is my weapon of choice.

Learning VueJs was much easier than any other Javascript framework or library. As soon as I discovered VueJs, I found two sites dedicated to the project, and I used these two to get the fundamentals down. The first was VueMastery, which had a great introduction course. The second was Vueschool, which I use the most!

The other reason Vue Js was easy to get into was its component structure looked familiar. In VueJs, the form of components resembles a standard HTML document. For example, like with HTML, you can use CSS, javascript, and HTML all in one file to create a component. For this reason, using HTML & CSS in Vue is almost identical to how you would use them without VueJS.

Because you can manage a component in a single file, I find Vuejs the most convenient for building and maintaining SPAs (Single Page Applications). Also, you can build and use components entirely on the front end by adding VueJs to your HTML document via a script reference just as you would import your custom Javascript file or a third-party javascript library like jQuery.

This versatility in VueJS makes it easy to use in many popular third-party applications. Which has made it common to find documentation on how to integrate VueJs with many other web development tools

Some applications I use with VueJS

  • VSCode
  • ButterCMS
  • KendoUI
  • Netlify

Another significant characteristic of VueJs is it has a great community of active developers. The core members are actively updating VueJs. Many of them have built incredible modules for VueJs to expand its functionality. For example, Anthony Fu has worked on Pinia for state management. In addition, there is Vite, a NodeJs web server that works with more than just Vuejs. My favorite is Nuxt, the VueJs version of NextJS, which makes it easy to install and use all these tools to build websites.

The VueJs project core members are active online. While working on a VueJs project, I will reach out to core members for help via Twitter, LinkedIn, or Discord, and I have always got a helpful reply.

I learned more about this community because many of its members host online live coding events. For example, one of the highlights of my 2022 summer was attending a VueForge event where I watched a team of developers code a Trello replica app.

The last thing I will mention about why VueJs is my favorite is I appreciate the history of VueJs. I watched a documentary on LinkedIn where I learned that, unlike React and Angular, VueJS was created by Evan Yu outside of the office of a major tech company. Since then, Evan Yu has done an excellent job of making VueJs easy to learn internationally. The result of his initiative is that front-end developers have adopted VueJs around the world!

If you are new to VueJs, follow me here, where I will share my VueJs experiences.